Dekton Slim stone
Dekton Slim stone

Dekton stone

Introducing Dekton Slim 4mm

Opticolour are proud to introduce Cosentino’s Dekton Slim cladding to our product range. We share a commitment to excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and impeccable customer service.

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Dekton Slim veined black stone in kitchen
Dekton Slim veined black stone in kitchen

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Dekton Slim

Large format
Stain resistance
Heat resistance
Scratch resistance

X-Gloss Finish

Crystalline shine
Surface damp-proof
Mirror effect


Bathroom coverings

Highest resistance against moisture in the lightest Dekton format.

Kitchen coverings

The ultra-thin surface of Dekton Slim allows you to cover all the kitchen with less quantity of product, so it is possible to save money on your installation*. In addition, Dekton Slim is resistant to scratching, fire and stains in the same way as all Dekton formats.

Furniture coverings

Transform the furniture of your home with surfaces of great beauty and strength.