Why use glass - durable and low maintenance
Durable and low maintenance

Our products

We are confident that Opticolour wall covering glass panels are the best on the market. We are experts at what we do, and focus on achieving the highest standards possible. But while we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, we never rest on our laurels – we are always striving to innovate and improve, and to increase the number of options we have on offer.

Years of experience and a perfectionist approach have allowed us to produce glass panels that exceed our customers’ expectations. Here are just some of the techniques we use to ensure that Opticolour glass continues to be the best available:

We use the clearest possible glass to give the greatest optical clarity and the truest colours

Our state-of-the-art water-jetting technology creates clean, precise cuts and allows us to work with very large panels of glass

We have developed a unique paint formula that produces a permanent chemical bond to glass, without peeling, flaking or fading

We layer our paint to an optimum thickness, which results in an extremely high level of opacity. This results in rich colour and even coverage, and ensures that no fixing adhesive is visible through the glass wall covering

Nearly all our glass is toughened, so our panels do not crack. In the very unlikely event of a breakage, our glass shatters into tiny blunt pieces rather than large jagged shards

Wall coverings

Everything we produce is made to measure, enabling us to provide our customers with wall decor that fits their space and complements their interior scheme. We have a wide range of standard colours available, from neutrals and pastels to vivid brights and rich jewel tones, as well as a wealth of printed and patterned finishes that look stunning in any environment. Our customised options include bespoke colours, mixed to match our customers’ specifications, and high-resolution printed images for truly individual design.

Opticolour glass panels are cut to fit your space, however awkward or unconventional it might be. We also accommodate sockets, light switches, utensil racks and any other fixtures and fittings, to ensure a sleek, high-end look. We can make any shape or size of panel, from single rectangular splashbacks for use behind a sink, to wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling wall coverings that run the entire length of a corridor, foyer, salon wall or hotel lobby. The fitting of our panels is usually the final finishing touch to a domestic interior or commercial space and never fails to elevate the room to a new level of polish and sophistication, as our glossy, lustrous glass creates a stunning focal point and rounds off a luxurious look.

Glass is incredibly versatile as wall decor, creating a finish that can range from barely there to utterly dazzling.

Our stunning Cobweb Glass, for instance, is exceptionally glamorous, featuring metallic veining on a gleaming background of intense, solid colour, while our Sparkle Glass creates a covering of eye-catching glitter in radiant jewelled shades.

Our Antiqued Patterned wall coverings, meanwhile, are inspired by the beautiful aged patina of old glass, but have a thoroughly modern high-shine finish that creates the perfect bridge between classic and contemporary styles.

For truly unique design, our digitally printed glass can feature any high-resolution image, including photographs, illustrations, logos and abstract patterns – even photos of brick, stone or tiles that look just like the real thing, without any of the hassle.

We have a library of pictures that you can choose from, as well as access to the web-based Shutterstock collection which has literally millions of available images. Alternatively you can provide a photograph or drawing of your own, and we will happily print it onto a glass panel, for use as a splashback, wall panel or piece of artwork.

For a subtler effect, our plain glass in cream, oyster, mint and pale grey shades blends into walls, letting your cabinets or other features stand out while still applying a polished veneer to the overall design – our panels can also be colour-matched to your walls or cupboards, allowing them to blend in further still.

Our Metallic Glass, in silver, burnished gold or pale blue, for instance, adds a hint of shimmer without detracting from the room as a whole.

Mirrored glass is an increasingly popular option, adding understated glamour as well as depth and character to a space. From plain tinted glass, in a silver, bronze or grey hue, to heavily patinated “aged” panels, mirrored glass will make your space look bigger, brighter and and more luxurious.

Glass wall decor works in a range of settings, because its colour, pattern or finish can give almost any effect desired. From soft and muted to bright and flamboyant, from a traditional pattern to a futuristic motif, the possibilities are literally endless. So, whether your space is classic or contemporary, glamorous, slick, modern, rustic, industrial or vintage, there will be a glass panel to suit.

Glass is a highly practical option for any room, as it is so easy to clean and maintain. Stain, water and mould resistant, it needs only a quick wipe and buff with a soft, damp cloth to get rid of any dirt and bring back its surface shine. This also makes it very hygienic, so it’s great for use in bathrooms, kitchens, restaurants, gyms and salons. Our specially formulated colour ensures that no peeling, flaking or fading will spoil the appearance of the glass, and it should look as good as new for many years.