Wall art splashbacks: bringing nature inside

House plants are having a major resurgence right now – and there are many ways in which we benefit from having them in our homes. Plants and flowers lower stress and create a relaxed ambience, ease tension and promote wellbeing, and enhance creativity and productivity. But what if your home receives little in the way of natural light, or you don’t have much space for plants or… you’re just not very good at looking after them? Installing glass splashbacks or panels printed with botanical images is one of the most effective wall art ideas for bringing the outside in.

One of the design available as a printed glass panel

Soothing surroundings

Botanical images may not purify the air or increase oxygen levels, but they can help to promote relaxation and improve your mood. Being surrounded by the colours of nature, and reminded of the beautiful details found in the outdoor world, is likely to have a soothing effect and help counteract the stresses and strains of everyday life.


White rose close-up

Bold design

Close-up photographs of flowers or leaves also work from a design point of view, as these wall decor ideas offer form, texture and visual interest without creating too much drama or dominating the room. Acting in many ways like abstract designs, botanical prints produce attractive shapes and shades of colour, but they’re not overbearing graphic statements and they won’t distract from the rest of the interior scheme.


Textured Palm Leaves

Palm leaf close-up

Branching out

We have a wide selection of botanical prints available. For a splash of greenery we have options including tropical leaves, delicate vines and intertwining branches – contemporary patterns that retain all the beauty and charm of nature. From close-up photography to exquisite watercolour paintings, and in neutral shades or deep forest greens, there are choices to suit every kind of interior.


Lavender field photographic splashback

Petal perfection

Floral images provide soft colours and stunning shapes, from curving petals to spritely sprigs of lavender and abundant profusions of blooms. The high-resolution photographs we feature on our website bring out the tiniest details, from delicate markings on petals to the many different shades visible on one flower. Images that blur softly into the background, meanwhile, create restful scenes that are pretty and pleasing to the eye.


Dandelion print splashback

If you have a favourite flower or you’re looking for a particular colour or effect, and you can’t find it in our online selection, we have access to a digital library of millions of images for wall art ideas. For more information on this or any of our glass splashbacks, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll always do our best to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


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