Mirrored home bars – the latest luxury property trend

Mirrored home bars are a growing trend in the high-end housing market, joining gyms, pantries, dressing rooms and wine cellars as one of those property extras that can lift a home to a new level of luxury. Whether you entertain regularly or simply like to unwind with an evening cocktail, a dedicated area for a little indulgence will make it all the more special.

If you fancy adding a home bar to your property, the good news is that you can easily do this retrospectively and you don’t need much space. An under-used basement or box room would be ideal, but a spare wall, alcove or cupboard would work just as well. Not only that, but a fabulous bar space makes sense in almost any room, including the kitchen, hallway, dining or living room – whatever suits your space and lifestyle.

Our Silver Tinted Mirror fitted for Kitchen Connections of Ascot

Bright ideas

As it’s dedicated to fun, this is one area where you can be really playful with your decor. Consider a stylish theme, such as retro 50s, tiki beach hut, 30s ocean liner, gentleman’s club or Hollywood glamour. And to keep it sophisticated, consider installing a made-to-measure mirrored panel behind the bar – this is a trick that many upmarket hotels and restaurants use to create a high-end, polished look.

Mirror will bounce light around, drawing the eye and making your bar a focal point. Mirrored home bars also help to zone the area and make it feel bigger, reflecting glassware and bottles for maximum sparkle – so even the darkest corner will be transformed into a vibrant party zone. However, if you’d rather not have your home bar on show all the time, you can always set it into a cupboard or enclosed pantry area – in this case a mirrored wall would really help to brighten the space.

Our Grey Tinted Mirror fitted for Sheraton Interiors

Mirrored options

We have a range of toughened mirror options which are ideal for mirrored home bars, as cut outs can be made to allow for shelves, sockets, switches and other fixtures. Grey, Silver and Bronze tinted mirror provide a sleek, contemporary finish, while our Antiqued Hand Silvered options create a more traditional feel.

Grey tinted mirror dials down the shine a little, making it the perfect complement for a moody space or jewel-toned decor. Silver mirror is lighter and brighter – the classic choice for an area dedicated to glamour and sparkle. Bronze mirror has rich warm tones which promote a soothing, tranquil atmosphere.

A home cinema featuring our Grey Tinted Mirror

All-out luxury

With a unique hand-painted patina, our antiqued mirror has all the appeal of old-school glamour. Foxed is a lightly flecked and subtly aged, Vintage has an even coverage of beautiful patterning, Really Rough has a heritage feel and creates soft, dappled reflections, while Heavy Sparkle has a full coverage of markings and a pearl-grey finish with minimal shine. All four would suit a traditional interior, adding character and elegance to the overall design.

Once the decor is in place, it’s time to get kitted out – you’ll need storage space for glasses, bottles and accessories but, space and budget permitting, you could also consider installing an island, fridge-freezer, sink, glass chiller, ice maker, dishwasher… not forgetting the recycling bins! Whatever you go for, this is one home decorating project that’s sure to be plenty of fun.

For further information on our mirrored glass products and installation service, please get in touch – we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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