Why a tinted mirror splashback could be perfect for your kitchen

Mirror is not traditionally used in kitchen settings – but more and more people are beginning to see the benefits of using a mirror splashback in their kitchen design. Adding reflective surfaces has long been known as a quick trick to make a space feel larger and lighter and this works in the kitchen, too. Furthermore, mirrored surfaces can complement any kind of interior style – they have a neutral appearance that allows them to fit in with every design scheme. We offer several choices of mirror splashback – here’s our guide to using mirror in your kitchen…

Mirror glass splashbacks produced for Kitchen Connections of Ascot in Grey MirrorUntoughened Grey Tinted Mirror

Installing mirrors is the fastest route to creating an appearance of spaciousness in your home, even if the rooms are on the cosy side. It might be an illusion, but the reflection produced can still have positive mental benefits as your surroundings feel more open. Mirrors also reflect whatever light is available, so even the rays from a small window will be magnified and can brighten things up. They also have the benefit of being very easy to clean – you can wipe them with a damp sponge and buff them with a microfibre cloth in seconds – and they won’t stain or discolour.

A mirror splashback can be cut to fit your wall space so you’ll end up with a pleasing streamlined finish that looks polished and high-end. We offer safety-backed and toughened options which both have their pros and cons! Safety-backed mirror has an almost flawless appearance, is quick to produce and is the cheaper of the two choices. However, it’s not suitable for use behind gas hobs and care needs to be taken with pans and other heavy objects as it’s not impact-resistant. Toughened panels are heat resistant and far more durable, however, the toughening process can result in small ripples and marks appearing in the glass, and a four-to-six-week lead time is required. However, these are relatively minor considerations and the results are more than worth it!

Silver Mirror

Silver Tinted Mirror for Elmore Kitchens

 Silver mirror offers the highest level of shine and reflection. This is the ideal choice for a room with little natural light – but it will also enhance a bright room with some extra luminosity. The uninterrupted reflection offered by Silver Mirror will make a room feel much bigger by adding the illusion of depth and bouncing light deep into the middle of the space – in a room without windows, Silver Mirror is great for preventing a feeling of claustrophobia. A Silver Mirror splashback also helps the person who is cooking or clearing up to keep an eye on what’s happening behind them – very useful if you have small children or tend to socialise in the kitchen.

Bronze Mirror

Bronze Mirror for Premium German Kitchens

Bronze Mirror has a warm tint that dials down the shine and amount of reflection. It pairs beautifully with wooden cabinets and shelving but also looks smart against white and off-white units. The recent trend for blue and copper in kitchens brings Bronze Mirror into its own – it would make a wonderful splashback in a room with this colour scheme.

Grey Mirror

Mirror glass splashbacks produced for Kitchen Ergonomics in Grey MirrorUntoughened Grey Tinted Mirror for Kitchen Ergonomics

If you’ve opted for a darker palette, or want to incorporate some contrast against white or pale units, Grey Mirror offers a deeper tint and a subtler reflection. Yet it’s still a highly polished material that adds a glossy finish to a room. Moody and sophisticated, Grey Mirror has understated elegant – it can really lift a kitchen to another level of luxury.

For further information on our tinted mirror panels or any of our other products, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.


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