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Colour: Aqua. Credit: Halcyon Interiors

Why a mint green kitchen has enduring appeal

If you love the idea of a kitchen that always feels clean and fresh – even on those days when it’s less than tidy – consider decorating with mint green or aqua colours. From the palest hint of mint to bold turquoise, these shades have a breezy energising quality that brings to mind ocean waves, bracing sea air and crisp sunny days.

You could really go for it and choose pale green units or, at the other end of the scale, add a splash of beachy cool to your space with mint accessories, crockery or small appliances. Another way to embrace the trend is to install a light green or aqua glass splashback – this provides all the zesty vibes but means you can select cabinets in a more traditional colour. Whites, greys and blues look great against seafoam shades, as do wooden cabinets with a natural finish – but aqua splashbacks will complement a huge range of colours. The polished reflective surface of glass panels also enhances the light, bright and airy feel these hues bring to a space, making them a great option for a mint green kitchen. Here are some colour choices to consider…

Mint white

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Harvey Jones colour Mint White

A barely there green that’s almost reads white in some lights, our Mint White shade is fresh and delicate and offers just a hint of colour. It’s ideal in a neutral kitchen where just a little contrast is needed against light units and worktops, and looks great in both modern and traditional settings. Mint White is a soft and pretty shade that feels soothing without being sugary or cloying – in fact it has a calming yet reviving effect that feels subtly energising.


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A richer shade that’s more blue than green, Aqua is exactly the colour you’d want the sea to be were you about to go for a dip! Sadly we don’t see this shade very often in UK waters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create that beachy vibe in your kitchen with a glossy glass splashback along the wall. It’s a cool colour that looks stunning against these off-white and grey coloured cabinets, adding a burst of energy without disrupting the chilled modern style of the space.

Seafoam green

Mint blue green colour matched to 78GG79-109 glass splashbacks produced for Kitchen Koncepts

This bespoke shade leans slightly more to the blue side while still retaining enough green to prevent it feeling cold or unwelcoming. It has a breezy coastal feel and looks so crisp against these sleek white units – perfect for a small space that could otherwise feel dark and claustrophobic. The polished surface of the glass also helps to bounce light around the kitchen area, which reinforces the bright and airy vibe.


A soft pastel green with cool undertones that have a hint of grey, pine is perfect if you’re looking for a colour that adds plenty of visual interest but still feels soothing and understated. The lack of yellow in this shade makes it ideal for pairing with greys and blues, and it also complements natural wood in both dark and light finishes. Whatever style of kitchen you have, this calming colour will turn it into a restful refuge from the outside world.

Mint green

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Mobalpa Pinner in colour ZG3

This is another bespoke shade – and this time our client requested an invigorating peppermint colour that we think feels cheerful, optimistic and stimulating. A brighter and slightly more saturated light green, it really pops against the white and dark grey units while working beautifully with both. We also love the look of the chrome and stainless steel fittings against this cool fresh shade, as the blue tones in this mint green kitchen work really well with silver coloured metals.

Turquoise green

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Mobalpa Pinner with colour VG11 with silver sparkle

Really embracing the aquatic theme, this bespoke shade in a saturated blue-green gives an underwater feel to the room. The client also requested a Sparkle finish, which reinforces the idea of light glittering on the ocean’s surface. The effect is both refreshing and soothing, cocooning the space in a calming cosy hue that shows how versatile a mint green kitchen can be.

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