Snug fit putty colour kitchen glass splashback
Colour: Putty. Credit: Poggenpohl Ultimate

Survey and installation

Our expert surveyors and fitters will happily measure and install your glass panels for you, if you would prefer. This is often the safest option if you have an irregularly shaped wall space or require holes and cut-outs in your glass (for instance, for sockets or light switches). Our employees are skilled and experienced, will measure accurately and have your glass cut to size, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless installation. Once the order is placed, we will call you to arrange a suitable date and time for measurements to be taken – usually, surveys are undertaken within 48 hours, or they can be booked in advance to coordinate with your project schedule. In this case, we will contact you as the time approaches to confirm the final date, and will of course rearrange if your project has been delayed.

We will return to install your glass 7 to 10 days after the survey. We respect other people’s property, take great care over our work, and clean up after ourselves. We will even reattach sockets and switches if necessary. Please note: measuring can only take place after other fixtures and fittings have been installed, including worktops and electrics.One of the most pleasing aspects of made-to-measure glass panels is the sleek and streamlined appearance it gives to a space – having your glass cut to size ensures a perfect fit, with no awkwardly shaped bits of tile or truncated pattern to spoil the overall effect. However, achieving this result does require accurate measuring, including the dimensions and placement of any holes and cut-outs needed to accommodate switches, sockets or shelving, for instance, and the shaping of glass to allow for cooker hoods or other fixtures and fittings.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that walls are not always straight and true, and while our fitters can allow for a small amount of lean, wall spaces with slanting edges – however slight – need to be measured accurately. A regular rectangular space can usually be measured by the homeowner or kitchen contractor. However, for more complicated or uneven shapes we would recommend our professional service. The same is true for fitting – small panels of glass are relatively easy to install and can often be put into place by a homeowner or builder. However, for more complicated installations, involving irregularly shaped glass or a large number of panels, we would again recommend using our experienced fitters to ensure a smooth, safe installation and a perfect result.