Lavender blue coloured glass kitchen splashbacks
Colour: Lavender Blue

Showroom support

We can fit display pieces, including coloured glass wall panels, digitally printed wall art, or special-effect glass wall coverings, in kitchen and bathroom showrooms, allowing customers to see our products in person and experience the luxury finish that glass achieves. We also provide point-of-sale material such as glass sample boxes. Opticolour representatives make regular visits to keep interior design services showroom staff up-to-date with our latest news, bring in new product ranges, and answer any questions they might have.

Larger teams are very welcome to visit our premises near Bath for information and training days.

Ideally, our products would be viewed in person – seeing our coloured glass wall panels up close gives a much better idea of the high quality of the product, the glossy finish, the various shades available, and how they appear when made into large glass coverings. Although we use the clearest glass available it will always retain the slightest tinge of green, which will affect the finished result.

Our special-effect glass, including Cobweb, Metallic and Sparkle, also needs to be seen close up to be truly appreciated – its subtle colouring and beautiful lustre cannot readily be conveyed through a screen.

Mirrored glass is particularly difficult to photograph but looks absolutely stunning in real life – our vintage and antique style mirrored panels have fantastic depth and character that looks wonderful in situ.

Our customers are always amazed and impressed by the quality of our digitally printed panels, and by the extremely high resolution of images copied onto glass. In fact glass – particularly when it

catches the light – gives photographs and patterns a depth they can otherwise lack, bringing out their colours and details to create a wonderful display.

We are therefore very happy to discuss the fitting of display pieces or printed, patterned or coloured glass wall panels in kitchen and bathroom showrooms, to allow customers to appreciate the beauty of glass panels up close and to see the high quality of both product and installation. Our specialist fitters will measure the relevant space to ensure that the final result looks sleek and professional, and will fit the glass in place to create an elegant, seamless finish.

Our representatives will keep you up-to-date with our latest product launches – we are constantly adding new lines and trying new ideas, and we want to ensure that we share them with our clients and their customers as quickly as possible.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01225 464343 or