Bold White glass splashback installed in a kitchen
Bold White glass splashback installed by Opticolour

Kitchen splashback ideas: choosing the right splashback/worktop combination

When designing a kitchen, people usually think about the overall style of the room first followed by the kind of cabinets they want to install. The worktop and splashback are secondary considerations and are often chosen in isolation from each other – but it’s really important to think about how they’ll work together. They will sit next to each other after all, so coming up with kitchen splashback ideas at the same time as worktop options is a wise move. There are several combinations to consider: worktops and splashbacks can be similar in tone and colour or they can contrast with each other; they can have similar finishes (ie, both be glossy or both be matt); they can offer visual variety with a mix of both; or they could be made from the same material to create a wraparound effect. Here are the options in more detail…

Tonal colours with contrasting finishes

Bold white glass splashback behind a kitchen hobGlass splashback in Bold White

Here, the glossy glass splashback is a similar shade to the marble-effect worktop, but the two materials have contrasting finishes that offer visual diversity without being too jarring on the eye. The difference between the two surfaces is relatively subtle, creating a low-contrast effect that suits this calm and simply styled room. Choosing a splashback and worktop in similar or tonal colours is probably the best choice if you want your space to feel soothing and relaxing, and pale hues are ideal for this. However, a darker worktop and splashback combination will also feel restful – but will provide a little more visual drama should you wish it.

Contrasting colours with the same finish

Matt effect produced for Lucy Alexander in colour matt Elephants TrunkMATT glass splashback in Elephant’s Trunk

The difference between the dark matt splashback and the white stone worktop in this ultra-modern kitchen creates a monochrome look that’s reinforced by the cocoa-coloured cabinet doors. The sharp line created where the two surfaces meet is enhanced by the similarity of their finishes – both are essentially matt materials with a very subtle shine. Our matt glass is ideal for clients looking for a clean expanse of colour without grout lines or other distractions, but who would prefer a frosted finish to a high gloss. If you have kitchen splashback ideas that aren’t in our standard range, we are always happy to discuss the possibilities with you!

Tonal colours with the same finish

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for John Lewis of Hungerford in Bold White
Glass splashback in a warm grey shade

For true kitchen harmony, try pairing tonal shades in materials with similar finishes. This sleek space features a warm grey splashback combined with a polished stone worktop in a correspondingly smoky hue. The closeness between the two colours creates a visual consistency which is very pleasing to the eye, while the slightly darker worktop ultimately grounds the design and feels balanced and restful. The similarity in texture pulls the two surfaces together, and their luxurious shine adds a glamorous and high-end vibe to an otherwise understated interior.

Contrasting colours with contrasting finishes

Grey Tinted Mirror kitchen splashbackGrey Tinted Mirror 

Kitchen splashback ideas offer a great opportunity to be playful with your kitchen design and stamp some originality onto the room. If that’s your goal, choose wall coverings that fully contrast with the rest of the kitchen, and the worktop in particular. Here, the high-shine mirrored panels are quite a departure from the traditional units and composite worktop that, while not completely matt, has only the slightest hint of gloss. The darker colouring of our Grey Tinted Mirror also creates a significant point of difference to the pale hues in the rest of the space. This produces an individual twist on an otherwise classic design and makes the room feel far more personalised. However, because the mirror reflects an image of the whole kitchen, the overall effect is cohesive and harmonious.

Matching worktops and splashbacks

blue glass kitchen splashback and worktopColour-matched glass splashback and worktop

A final option is to use the same material for both worktops and splashbacks. This creates a futuristic look that’s ideal for an ultra-contemporary home. Our toughened glass panels are suitable for use in both locations – they are heat and shatterproof which means you don’t have to worry about burn marks or cracks. They are also very easy to keep clean, as all you need do is to wipe them down with a damp cloth and, now and again, a small amount of multi-purpose spray. We can create these panels in any colour you like, and can also add a metallic or sparkle finish for a seriously glamorous look.

If you are interested in any of these options, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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