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The kitchen makeover: easy ways to refresh your room

It’s usually the most expensive room to renovate in a home, and tackling a complete kitchen makeover is a daunting task. However, if the fundamental elements are in place and in a decent condition, are you sure you need to start from scratch? Not only is a full renovation very costly but it’s also hugely disruptive, and it won’t always increase the value of your property by the amount you’ve spent. If you’re not one hundred per cent sure whether to go ahead or not, or you need time to save up, there are plenty of easy ways to refresh your kitchen to make it more stylish and bring it into line with your personal tastes. Here are a few ideas…

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Harvey Jones colour whiteGlass splashback in “White”

Paint the cupboards

It’s a classic trick, but one that is very effective for a kitchen makeover. If you’ve inherited a wooden kitchen – particularly if the wood is not great quality or is a very orangey colour – painting the doors can make a huge difference. It’s not hard to do but it does take time to carry out each step thoroughly. To start with you’ll need to remove the doors themselves (don’t forget to label them), then take off the handles and hinges. Clean and sand the surfaces, fill in any gaps or imperfections, clean again, and apply a wood primer. After that, apply two coats of paint (be sure to check it’s appropriate for the surface) and wait for these to dry thoroughly before replacing the handles and reattaching the doors. Alternatively, there are many companies who will do the hard work for you!

BlackcurrantGlass splashback in “Blackcurrant”

Change the splashbacks

If you’re happy enough with your cabinets, or they’re plain and inoffensive, consider changing your splashbacks to bring your kitchen up to date. Glass wall coverings, for instance, can completely transform the room as tired and grubby tiling is swapped for glossy panels of rich deep colour, a pretty pastel shade or a stylish neutral. Our glass splashbacks are made to measure so the finished result will look sleek and elegant, bringing instant polish and refinement to your space. What’s more, this job is extremely quick to do. We can usually have your order ready within 10 days, and fitting takes very little time.

Sparkle coloured glass splashbacks produced for Creative Kitchens and Bathrooms, Fleet in colour KryptoniteSparkle Glass in “Kryptonite”

Create a feature wall

If you only have the time or budget to do one thing, consider a feature wall. This will focus attention on that area of the room, detracting from elements you may not be so keen on. A feature wall also allows you to add a design detail that brings you joy and makes a more personal style statement. Our Sparkle Glass, for instance, creates immediate impact with its rich colour and jazzy finish, and brings brightness and cheer into any space.

Blackcurrant soft stripe blurred abstract splashback kitchen 4Soft Stripe glass in “Blackcurrant”

Improve the flow

It might sound counterintuitive to remove storage during a kitchen makeover, but opening up the space can really improve its overall look. If you have cabinets on every wall, or returning into the middle of the room, consider whether you really need them all. Taking a run of cupboards out of the space, particularly if it gets in the way of the room’s flow, can immediately make it seem much larger, lighter and fresher. A compact island in the middle of the room can add more storage back again, help to balance things visually, and still allow light to circulate around the room.

Tinted Mirror in “Bronze”

Add reflective surfaces

Small kitchens can really benefit from the installation of reflective materials to make them feel more spacious and open. From mirrored splashbacks to polished worktops or chrome fixtures and fittings, adding shiny surfaces will pull in more light and really brighten things up. Enhance the effect by swapping dingy lighting for directional spotlights, ambient downlighters and cosy pendant lamps, and add extra brightness with wall lights if necessary.

Toughened heavy sparkle antiqued hand silvered glassAntiqued Mirrored glass in “Heavy Sparkle”

Swap upper cabinets for open shelving

If your kitchen feels dark and cramped, swapping some of the upper cabinets for open shelving can really help to lighten up the space. It may not be practical to change them all, but cupboards used for glassware or crockery could be exchanged for open storage that allows more light into the room. This kitchen makeover idea will immediately make the space feel less oppressive and more airy, while the items on display will add character and visual interest.

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