Cosmic silver sparkle glass splashbacks with fixed cabinets
Cosmic silver sparkle glass splashback FX3

A stand-out design

Glass panels are often positioned between the upper and lower cabinets in a kitchen decor scheme – but because Opticolour glass is made to measure it can be cut and shaped to cover any area of your wall. This makes it perfect for creating a bold or unusual design statement that gives your space an original twist while still retaining a sleek and elegant appearance – such as putting glass panels behind cabinets.

In this luxury kitchen, white contemporary cabinets with an unusual textured surface were chosen for higher level storage – but the unconventional design was in danger of getting lost against the white wall behind. For this reason, the silver metallic glass panels chosen for the space were extended beyond the dimensions of the upper cabinets, to the edge of the lower cabinets and up towards the ceiling, allowing the doors to stand out and look their best.

To achieve this finish, cut-outs were made in the panels during the manufacturing process to allow the cabinet fixings to attach directly to the wall (cut-outs for plug sockets and the extractor fan were also created). The exact position of the cabinets, and the precise dimensions and location of the fixing holes, were measured carefully beforehand, ensuring that everything fitted into place on installation day.

A row of lights across the top of the cabinets adds a warm glow and shows the glass at its best, making this end of the kitchen the focal point of the space and drawing your eye right across the room. The white and grey colours of the worktop pull all the elements together, ensuring that this unique interior remains visually cohesive.

If you’re considering placing glass panels behind cabinets or other fixtures we would recommend our measure and fit service, to ensure that cut-outs are positioned accurately. The result will be a seamless finish that gives your room a luxurious look and sets your kitchen decor apart.