Kryptonite glitter green glass kitchen splashbacks produced for Berkshire Kitchen Design
Kryptonite glitter green glass kitchen splashbacks produced for Berkshire Kitchen Design

Should your glass wall decor blend in or stand out?

When designing a kitchen it’s important to ensure that your many surfaces – cabinet doors, worktops, wall decor, shelving, appliances and flooring – all work together. Most people hope that the overall impression will be harmonious, without a multitude of focal points that fight for attention, or a headache-inducing mix of colours, patterns and materials. Yet a bit of visual drama, or a couple of eye-catching elements that give the space character and personality, shouldn’t be left out completely.

So how do you get the balance right? The trick is to allow one or two of your surfaces to steal the limelight, while keeping the rest of the space simple and classic. With that in mind, many of our clients choose to use their glass wall decor  – which occupies a central part of the visual space – to inject some colour, pattern or individuality into the room, while keeping the rest of the kitchen relatively simple. Others, however, would rather make their worktops, island or lighting the star of the show, and usually choose plain, neutral or colour-matched splashbacks that blend into the overall design.

If you’re not sure whether you want wall decor that stand outs or blends in, don’t worry! We have years of experience helping customers make a decision and have gathered some great tips along the way.

First of all, consider the overall layout of your kitchen. Is it a large room with a lot of wall space? Are you planning to run your glass along two or three walls, or will it sit in one relatively small area such as behind a cooker or sink? Is the space broken up by an island or table, or will the glass surround you when you stand in the middle of the room? Glass splashbacks in a rich or bright colour used in one fairly small area will draw attention to that part of the room; used along several walls it can have a cocooning – but dramatic – effect. A softer co-ordinating shade will allow other parts of the room to take centre stage, but will still bring a sleek, polished feel to the space, especially when used in a long continuous run.


A continuous run of striped blue glass is the stand-out feature of this simple white kitchen


Secondly, think about how you want your kitchen to feel. Do you want to create a room that is visually striking with high impact design? Or would you prefer a soothing, restful space to come home to at the end of a long day? High contrast rooms – that juxtapose light and dark colours, soft and hard surfaces, or natural and man-made materials, for example – have tonnes of energy and can feel very uplifting; whereas low contrast spaces, that feature tonal shades from the same colour family, or have a consistent and recognisable style, feel calmer and more relaxing. Wall decor in a vibrant colour, or featuring an eye-catching print, will probably have the former effect, while a co-ordinating shade or subtle pattern that fits in with the rest of the scheme will do the latter.


Our Oyster coloured glass is a perfect match in this calm classic kitchen


Next, consider the overall style of your kitchen. Is it traditional or modern? Farmhouse or futuristic? Or do you want to mix two contrasting styles? Brightly coloured glass, or glass printed with a bold pattern or image, makes an ideal finishing touch in a contemporary space, while pale or colour-matched glass panels are a great complement to traditional or country styles, adding just the right amount of modern polish. Or, to mix things up, do the opposite!


A panel of Vivid Pink glass looks fabulous in this modern space


Finally, ask yourself what you want your glass splashback to do. Is it simply functional – to protect your walls from spills and splatters? Or perhaps you want to add a glossy, polished finishing touch to a luxurious space? In these instances, colour-matching your glass to the rest of your walls, or choosing a colour that’s a few shades lighter or darker than your units, could be the best choice.

Alternatively, do you see your splashback as a decorative feature, used as a way to incorporate colour or pattern into a neutral design? Do you want your wall decor to add a dramatic flourish to your room, perhaps with a striped or abstract pattern, cityscape image or sparkle finish? Perhaps your glass splashback could double up as a piece of art, with a favourite photograph, view or illustration printed onto the panel? In these cases, a stand-out design is definitely the way to go!


Simple and functional but polished and pretty – our Dove Grey glass looks fantastic in this sleek space


Glass is the ultimate in versatile wall decor – almost any effect can be created. Whatever you decide, it’s sure to achieve the perfect finish for your kitchen. For further advice and information, don’t hesitate to get in touch – our expert advisers will be happy to help.