Mirrored bronze tinted toughened glass splashback in a white Shaker style kitchen
Mirrored bronze tinted toughened glass splashback in a white Shaker style kitchen

Brighten up your space with our toughened glass mirror panels

Mirrored wall panels are gaining ground as an interiors trend, with tinted and antiqued options adding plenty of choice to the mix. Our silver, bronze and grey tinted mirror can now be toughened to make it heat and shatter resistant – which is great news for kitchens and the high-traffic areas of your home.

Why use mirrored glass panels?

Mirrored surfaces have long been known to make a space look bigger, and a made-to-measure wall panel offers a sleek and contemporary method of achieving this aim across a large area. Galley kitchens in particular can be totally transformed by a run of mirrored glass along one side of the room.

As well as looking more spacious, your room will also be much brighter as light is bounced around in many directions – ideal for dingy areas where natural light is lacking.

Silver toughened glass mirror is fully reflective and adds high-shine glamour to a space, especially when used in an unexpected area such behind a hob or in the recess next to a living room fireplace. This simple addition will immediately open up the room, creating visual depth as it reflects colours and surfaces from both inside and out.

Mirror glass splashbacks in Silver Mirror produced for Nailsea Electrical

Silver mirror adds shine to this contemporary matt kitchen

Tinted panels in bronze or grey are a contemporary option that offer a softer alternative to silver. The light they reflect is diffused, which produces a warm flattering glow and a glossy sheen that looks elegant, luxurious and high-end. It’s no surprise that many upmarket hotels and restaurants use tinted and antiqued mirrored panels to create a five-star atmosphere!

Two tone kitchen with light grey and dark grey cabinets and a toughened glass grey mirror splashback between the two

The subtle reflection from this grey tinted mirror increases the brightness of the room

Adaptable style

Mirror acts as a neutral coloured material, allowing it to fit in with all kinds of interior design schemes. Bronze and grey mirror work as metallic finishes, which complement every palette from monochrome to pastels to brights, while silver simply reflects the colours around it and will always look harmonious.

Supremely adaptable, mirror looks fabulous in contemporary kitchens but can also be used to striking effect in traditional interiors. While its quiet elegance looks slick and streamlined against minimalist hardware-free cabinets, it also creates a contrast with classic designs to give them a bit of modern edge. Alternatively, our toughened antiqued glass panels have a stunning vintage finish that pairs beautifully with traditional interior schemes.

White traditional kitchen featuring an antique style toughened glass mirror splashback behind the range

The owners of this traditional kitchen chose antiqued mirror in Really Rough

Safety first

Toughened glass (also known as tempered glass) can be used behind hobs and other sources of heat and will also resist knocks and blows. In the very unlikely event that toughened glass does break, it will shatter into small blunt pieces rather than sharp-edged shards, making it perfectly safe for family homes or public spaces. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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