Glass produced for Elmore Kitchens in Bronze Matt Mirror
Glass produced for Elmore Kitchens in Bronze Matt Mirror

MATT glass: our new splashback finish with a soft gleam

There’s no denying we love the high-shine finish of glass splashbacks – but what if your space calls for something a little more understated? Step forward MATT glass – wall panels with a frosted surface that have all the sleek sophistication of regular glass without the highly reflective gloss. If you’re looking for new wall decor ideas, it’s definitely one to consider!

MATT White glass keeps this kitchen modern and minimal

Creating visual interest with layers of texture
Along with layout and colour, texture is one of the most important considerations in interior design and can make all the difference to the look of a space. If your room is tonal, with a low contrast colour palette, texture can help keep things interesting. The trick is to layer on fabrics and materials to create a room that has warmth and personality without necessarily going down the quirky and cluttered route. It can be beige and minimalist, but if there is a wool rug layered over wooden flooring, a leather sofa and velvet cushions, it will still be cosy and inviting.

Wooden floor + stone wall + leather seats + MATT splashback = sleek but inviting 

MATT glass is a wall covering that adds texture, and therefore warmth and visual interest, without demanding all the attention. Its sheeny surface diffuses light, scattering it around the room rather than reflecting it back directly; this gives it a soft satin appearance that is unusual but not dramatic or theatrical. And because all our wall coverings are bespoke and made to measure, MATT glass panels fit perfectly into the available space ensuring a sleek, high-end finish that coordinates with and complements its surroundings rather than overpowering them.

MATT glass in Elephant’s Trunk is the perfect complement to a marble worktop

A huge choice of colours
Any of our standard shades can be produced as MATT glass, or we can make panels in a bespoke colour if you prefer. In terms of wall decor ideas, the MATT finish gives neutral and pastel colours a soft glow, while darker shades take on a moodier look that is refined, traditional and elegantly minimal. We also make MATT mirrored glass in Bronze and Grey – these are not fully reflective, but have a very attractive gleam that creates an atmosphere of understated luxury.

MATT mirrored glass in Grey

Beautiful and practical
The slight glow of MATT glass allows it to sit comfortably next to both matt and gloss surfaces, so it mixes well with other finishes. Although it requires more cleaning that regular glass, it is hardwearing and long-lasting, and should look great for years. MATT standard colours can be toughened, making the glass heat and impact resistant, while MATT mirror is safety backed and requires more careful handling.

MATT glass in Oyster

If you love the glamorous shine that glass provides but would prefer something softer and more subtle for your interior, the MATT range could be the ideal choice. If you’d like to find out more, please get in contact and we’ll be very happy to help!



  1. Audrey Wright says:

    I’m thinking of various ideas for splash back and am interested to know more about Matt glass. First of all can you give me an indication of the cost of a 3m x 60cm splash back? Also are samples available?

    Kind regards

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