Glass Fusion printed glass splashbacks kitchen
Glass Fusion printed glass splashbacks kitchen

Glass splashback vs stone

Natural stone wall panels look luxurious but can be a constant hassle to maintain. Here’s why stone-printed glass offers all the gain with none of the pain

The issues with natural stone

Despite the ubiquity of tiles, natural stone wall panels are often chosen by those seeking a high-end look for their kitchen, bathroom or commercial interior. And there’s no denying that marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine can indeed look beautiful – their unique and varied patterning, subtle colouring and attractive sheen can add the perfect finishing touch to a sophisticated interior scheme.

But… will they stay looking perfect? Here are some of the issues when considering a glass splashback vs stone. Firstly, natural stone is porous and will soak up oils, juices and even water, resulting in unsightly staining. Some natural stones, such as limestone and travertine, are also highly reactive to acidic substances, so liquids such as orange juice will do even more damage if accidentally splashed onto the wall. Stone can be sealed but this isn’t 100% effective and needs to be redone on a regular basis.

The uneven surface of stone such as slate makes it harder to clean, as dirt gets trapped in its pits and grooves and dust gathers in its creases. And a heavy duty cleaner is not always the answer as strong chemicals may damage the stone further – even natural cleaners such as vinegar can degrade certain types of stone.

Some stones are very susceptible to scratches and chips. Marble, for instance, is a relatively soft stone and will inevitably end up with various dents, scuffs and abrasions. And, despite being technically heat-resistant, stone can be vulnerable to burn marks meaning that extra care is needed when handling hot trays and pans.

A genuine solution

Of course, some people don’t mind a little wear and tear, and feel it adds to the character of the room. But if you or your client is aiming for a high-end, polished, luxurious look – and you want the space to stay that way – then all these issues can present something of a headache.

But there is an answer! Digitally printed glass offers a genuine solution. By photographing stone and printing the image onto glass, its natural colour, variation and patterning is preserved and reproduced in pin-sharp detail, so none of its beauty is lost. And yet the glass surface is immune to all the issues detailed above – it is spectacularly low maintenance; easy to clean; stain, scratch and burn resistant; impervious to household chemicals, and won’t degrade over time. In fact, we offer a 10-year product guarantee against any fading, peeling or flaking.

An exciting new option

Furthermore, the lustre of glass and its light-reflecting qualities enhance and amplify the stone’s natural beauty showing it off to great effect. And because glass panels can be cut to fit the exact shape of the wall, the overall finish will be sleek and streamlined no matter how awkward the space.

In terms of cost, glass is likely to be cheaper than a lot of stone options, making stone-printed glass an exciting new choice for luxury interiors. When choosing kitchen panels and considering a glass splashback vs stone we may be biased but we definitely think that glass comes out on top!

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