Interior decor: why Antiqued Metallic glass is the ideal modern/traditional mix

Many of our customers love the look of traditional kitchens for their interior decor, but that’s not to say they want to replicate the Victorian experience entirely! While they might choose wooden dressers, butler’s sinks, decorative cornices and painted cupboards, it doesn’t mean they also want to forego the mod cons of the modern cooking environment. From wipe-clean surfaces to digital thermometers, app-controlled scales and even smart fridges that can order the shopping, they want to make the most of high-tech innovations that can save time and make their cooking, dining and cleaning experience so much easier.

For this reason, modern materials that fit right in with traditional interior decor are the holy grail of kitchen design for many people. From ceramic floor tiles that mimic natural stone, to polished nickel taps in traditional shapes, old-fashioned style combined with a practical finish is often the first choice for our customers. And when it comes to splashbacks, our Antiqued Metallic glass fits the bill perfectly. Made using an innovative layering technique that combines digital printing with metallic paint, the panels have stunning visual depth. This produces a traditional heritage-style appearance that resembles the granites, marbles and limestones of classic interiors but with a low-maintenance stain-resistant surface and a contemporary glossy finish.

If this sounds right for your interior decor scheme, here are the options we offer…

Special effect Antique Metallic AM006 glass splashbacks produced for Lida CucinaBronze storm

Choose from two metallic shades

We offer Antiqued Metallic glass in two shades: grey and bronze. Both echo colours found in nature so work as versatile neutrals, while the metallic gleam gives both a contemporary edge. The dark shading from the patterning also looks sophisticated and a little moody, which adds subtle drama to a room. However, grey is a cooler tone that works well with white, blue or grey units and is great as an alternative to granite or marble. Bronze is warmer and complements natural wood, creams, and greys with brown undertones.

Grey smoke antiqued metallic patterned glass splashback kitchen

Grey smoke

Smoke pattern

With wispy markings from mid-grey to charcoal, our Smoke pattern is perfect for paler kitchens where customers want to keep the overall palette consistently light, but also wish to add some visual interest to the walls. With the greatest visible coverage of metallic paint, this option offers a gleaming finish with a hint of glamour.

Grey Storm Antiqued Metallic Patterned Glass splashback kitchen

Grey storm

Storm pattern

Storm has heavy patination, in which the theatrical swirls of black and the lighter metallic shading have equal coverage. The intricate and highly detailed patterning creates a sense of drama and movement within this darker design.

Bronze Stone Antiqued Metallic Patterned Glass with kettle

Bronze stone

Stone pattern

Echoing the more rounded and organic markings of moss and lichen on rocks and stone, this pattern has a natural look that’s still extremely striking. Patches of dark colour offer plenty of contrast and the metallic finish adds a futuristic shine.

Grey marble

Marble pattern

Marble has paler markings than some of the other options, with less defined edges and softer patterning. However, the overall coverage of patination is still intense and eye-catching, and this choice works well in all types of kitchen.

If you are interested in any of these options, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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