Ideas for a bright and airy kitchen

As we move into a new decade, it’s natural to think about fresh starts and positive action. Many people have the urge to declutter – particularly after the excesses of the festive season – and this often leads to thoughts of freshening up our homes. Whereas Christmas is all about warmth, cosiness and indulgence, the New Year feels like a time for ridding ourselves of unused belongings and bringing light and airiness into our interiors instead. Creating clear, calm and open surroundings will, we hope, ultimately help to provide the mental space we need to take exciting plans forward and move closer to our goals. The kitchen is one area of the home that can often do with an overhaul. We spend much of our time there and it’s a room that becomes messy and cluttered very easily. Redesigning or upgrading the space to make it feel larger and lighter is a great way to begin improving our homes in a way that will also, hopefully, make our lives run more smoothly and calmly. Here are our tips for creating a bright and airy kitchen…

Glass splashback in Mint White

Remove your upper units

It’s often assumed that the more storage we have the better, but in practice we tend to fill up all the cupboards and drawers available which means we keep things we don’t really need. If your kitchen is a reasonable size, you may find that a run of lower units is all you require – particularly if you have a separate larder-style cupboard for food storage. Or you may find that you can do without upper cabinets on at least one of the walls. If this is the case, you’ll find that leaving an upper wall bare, or installing shelving instead, really opens up the space. Your kitchen will feel bigger, lighter and more airy.

Antique Mirror glass splashbacks produced for Neptune Kitchens, Winchester in Vintage MirrorAntiqued Hand Silvered Glass in Vintage

Install mirrors

If you can’t sacrifice storage potential, another great trick is to use mirrored wall coverings to create the illusion of a bigger space and to reflect any available light into darker areas. You could literally hang a mirror on the wall – unusual in a kitchen but effective! Or, a more practical option might be to install a made-to-measure mirrored splashback or wall panel. We have several options available, including Silver, Bronze and Grey Tinted Mirror, as well as Antiqued Mirror such as our Vintage option, above. Some of our mirrored choices are toughened and can be installed behind the hob, while others are safety backed and are better suited to other areas in the kitchen.

Glass splashback in Lime Green

Consider a linear layout

Long rectangular kitchens can often be hard to design, as the dimensions of the space don’t always lend themselves to the standard “L” or “U” shaped layouts. But installing a run of cabinets right the way down one wall can provide a huge amount of storage and work space, while freeing up the rest of the room for a dining table, island or sitting area. This also helps to create a bright and airy kitchen by preventing the room from feeling too claustrophobic and ensuring there’s plenty of space for moving around and opening cupboard doors and drawers. Even if your kitchen isn’t particularly narrow, a long run of units can still make sense – it looks sleek and allows you to zone your kitchen into two halves. You can then use the other half for eating, playing or sitting.

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Mobalpa Pinner in colour ZG3Bespoke glass splashback

Choose fresh or pale colours

Using white, off-white and blue-based shades in your kitchen will instantly freshen it up. White units are classic and will never go out of style – even in this current era of grey and dark blue kitchens, it remains a hugely popular choice. It’s also very practical and hygienic, as dirt shows clearly and can be wiped away immediately before it has the chance to build up. However, if you prefer coloured or natural wooden cabinets, or you don’t need to change you units, you could consider installing a white, pale blue or aqua glass splashback instead. Not only will the colour look bright and fresh, but the glossy surface will help to reflect light around the room while the lack of grout lines will help to create a clean, crisp finish.

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Harvey Jones colour Pale BlueGlass splashback in Pale Blue

Look into skylights

If your kitchen suffers from a lack of natural light and has small windows – or none at all – you should find out if it’s possible to install skylights in the roof. Or, if you have any space to the side of your kitchen you might be able to add a small one-storey extension that would allow light to come in from above. However, if there’s another floor over the room and no space to extend, you could consider opening up the room to another area that does have plenty of natural light. Could you knock down a wall, or part of a wall? Or perhaps simply cut an opening that allows light to flood in, transforming your space into a bright and airy kitchen.

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Wooden Heart Designers Guild in coastal retreat colour kitchenColour-matched glass splashback

Keep it tidy

Finally, here’s a 30-minute fix that will bring you closer to a bright and airy kitchen straightaway – clear away clutter from your surfaces and floors. Store as many utensils, gadgets and appliances behind closed doors and in drawers as you can so the room looks clearer and more airy. And try to have as little on the floor as possible – move the recycling boxes to the garage, invest in a waste bin that affixes to the back of a cupboard door, and ensure that furniture isn’t blocking sources of natural light such as French doors. It might just be a case of moving a sofa a few inches further into the room – but these little changes can make a huge difference.

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