Why trompe l’oeil glass panels are the new heroes of home decor

Choosing the right materials for your kitchen or bathroom is often a balancing act between beauty and practicality. It’s so often the case that the most attractive finishes are also the most problematic – marble can stain, exposed brick is dusty and porous, metal rusts and wallpaper is hard to clean and non-waterproof. Even tiling, that most traditional of kitchen wall finishes, requires grout that gets dirty, discoloured or mouldy. Sometimes, what initially seemed like a good home decor idea can turn into an expensive headache further down the line.

Glass Fusion printed glass splashbacks kitchen

Stone Texture

However, there is a solution – trompe l’oeil digitally printed glass. Whatever finish you’d like to achieve, a trompe l’oeil (literally a “trick of the eye”) glass splashback offers all the style without the practical issues. A very high-resolution image of your chosen material can be printed onto a glass panel to give a pin-sharp result with all the tiny details intact. This is extremely convincing and effective – although we believe it’s not so much about trying to fake the material as about achieving a similar aesthetic effect in a modern, state-of-the-art format.

Stunning Red Brickwork printed onto a glass panelRustic Red Brickwork

Using digital imagery has many advantages. For instance, you can size and position tiles to the perfect dimensions for your wall space, meaning no odd-looking lines or cuts. You can also zoom in to a photograph of sandstone, for example, to bring out the beautiful details, colours and texture of the stone. You have total control over the way your material is presented, and can custom design the print to suit your home decor requirements. This bespoke approach looks sleek, high-end and sophisticated.

Bespoke hummingbird wallpaper print glass splashbackBespoke hummingbird wallpaper print

And of course, glass is a supremely practical option for home decor. You can literally wipe it clean with a damp cloth, using a little cleaning spray if needed. To maintain its shine, buff with a microfibre cloth every now and again. There’s nothing to do beyond that, and the panel will look as good as new for many years. The image won’t fade or peel and, as the glass is toughened, there’s no danger of cracks appearing.

Printed glass splashbacks produced for Sheraton Interior with Tiles 6 printMoroccan Black and White Tiles

Unlike other materials, glass is waterproof and resistant to staining and corrosion. Any spills or splatters – from tomato juice to red wine – can simply be wiped away. You don’t need to worry about acidic liquids or strong cleaning chemicals, as these will have no effect on glass. It’s also heat resistant and can safely be installed behind ranges and hobs without the worry of burn marks or cracks.

Our library of options includes stone, metal, wooden panelling, marble, tiles, brick and wallpaper, but we can reproduce any material you like. Get in contact and we’ll be very happy to discuss your ideas with you.


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