Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Neils Kitchens in Lavender Blue colour
Colour: Lavender Blue. Credit: Neils Kitchens

Home decor ideas: using pastels in the kitchen

Interior fashions and home decor ideas come and go, but one trend that never disappears completely is the pastel coloured kitchen. Since the 1950s introduced bubblegum pink, mint green and sunny yellow into our cooking spaces, we’ve never looked back. There’s something about these happy shades that feels right in the room where we gather together with family and friends, make treats for loved ones, or relax with a bit of baking therapy. And if any more proof were needed, just think of the colour scheme inside the Bake Off tent! But using pastel colours in the kitchen can be quite hard to pull off – after all, no one wants to end up with a room that would fit right in to Willy Wonka’s factory. Here are our tips for pastel perfection…

Coloured glass splashbacks White kitchen produced for No Thirty One

Cupboard love

Soft blues and greens, such as sage and duck egg, are classic kitchen shades. Use these on your cabinets to add colour while still achieving a timeless look. Because they are very unlikely to date, you can also use pale green and blue units as a base for quirky home decor ideas, safe in the knowledge that you can pull things back at a later date if you change your mind. For instance, if you wanted to go full-on country cottage, with rustic wooden worktops, baskets galore, and shelves laden with vintage pots and glassware, your pastel cabinets would still look great if you decided to embrace minimalism a few years down the line. They would also work well in a diner-style kitchen with retro accessories and candy-coloured appliances – but wouldn’t put off buyers with more traditional tastes if you put your home on the market.

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Harvey Jones, sample opti338

Colour splash

If you’re not sure about coloured cabinets, but still want to add pastel shades to your kitchen, consider doing so with materials such as splashbacks and worktops or large appliances such as your fridge or oven. These will provide a generous area of colour without dominating the room. Glass splashbacks can be made in literally any shade you like – some of our pastel options include Mint White, Pink Lemonade and Lavender Blue. We can also make bespoke panels to your specifications – this blue splashback was created to match the range cooker below it.

Cappuccino coloured glass splashbacks kitchen

Pastel pairings

Pastels colours work really well with classic white and natural wooden kitchens. Paired with white units they create a calming vibe that feels instantly relaxing and looks fresh and airy whatever the time of year. Meanwhile natural wooden units receive a bit of a lift from soft shades of pink or green (neutrals such as beige can sometimes make a room feel overly brown when used with wood). And don’t feel you have to stick to the usual candy shades – this coffee-coloured glass also falls into the pastel category, packing more punch than stone or taupe but still retaining that soothing pastel effect.

Halcyon Interiors aqua kitchen glass splashbacks 2

Changing rooms

One word of caution – it’s probably best not to mix too many pastel shades in one room, unless you’re going for sweet-shop chic! Despite being pale in colour they have a surprising amount of impact and the effect can fast go from soft to sickly. It’s probably best to stick to one or two colours and bring in other shades with small accessories if you want to liven things up a bit. Here, most of the colour in the room comes from the Aqua splashback, which is echoed with cushions and vases. A soft yellow is brought in using fruit and flowers which can, of course, be changed for other shades as the mood takes you.

Pink Lemonade

Classic or contemporary?

If you’re wondering whether pastel shades lean more towards a traditional or modern look, the answer is that they work well in both! This kitchen has traditional painted wooden units and a classic stone worktop, and the pink splashback works perfectly. In fact, the slightly more contemporary vibe provided by the glass is a wonderful complement to the fittings, bringing the whole space right up to date. Meanwhile, sleek modern kitchens with a minimalist aesthetic can really benefit from a splash of pastel colour to add visual interest and individuality.

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Mobalpa Pinner in colour ZG3

Feeling fresh

If you’re still not sure which shade to go for, or how to use it, we usually find that an aqua glass splashback is one of those home decor ideas that seems to work in every setting. Aqua shades are fresh and energising yet soft and pretty, and they work well with many styles of kitchen. Although they’re crisp and eye catching they never feel too bright or look out of place, perhaps because of the natural colours – the sea and sky – they evoke.

If you’d like any more help with choosing a colour for your glass splashback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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