Glass shower panels and other tips for an easy-to-clean bathroom

It’s the time of year when many of us will be hosting parties or family get-togethers and our bathrooms will be seeing a lot more traffic than usual. And sadly, amongst all the fun, there’ll be a lot more cleaning to do! But keeping a bathroom spotless doesn’t have to be difficult if it’s designed to minimise the build-up of dirt and grime. Ideas such as glass shower panels and wall-mounted taps can really help to make cleaning quick and easy, so your bathroom looks as good as new with minimal effort. Here are our tips for designing a bathroom that’s easy to clean…

A nautical themed printed bathroom glass wall covering

Keep the floor clear

Wall-mounted sinks and toilets are a great idea, as keeping the floor clear makes it much easier to clean. Dirt tends to build up where surfaces meet – particularly at right angles – so the edges of sink and toilet pedestals get particularly grubby. Being able to sweep right across the floor with a vacuum cleaner or mop is so much easier than having to get down on hands and knees to scrub grimy gaps and crevices – and much pleasanter too!

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Use glass shower panels

Of course it’s imperative that you clad your shower recess in a waterproof material, but tiles are not the only option. Glass shower panels can be made to measure to fit your walls exactly and provide a continuously smooth and glossy surface around your showering space. This makes it incredibly easy to clean! Drawing the water droplets down with a squeegee after your shower will stop limescale from building up, and any stray drops of shampoo or shower gel can be easily wiped away. Glass can also be dried and buffed to a shine if you want your bathroom to look pristine.

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Consider wall-mounted taps

It’s a question of gravity! We come to sinks and baths with dirty hands so, with traditional deck-mounted taps, muck collects around the screw knob before making its way down to the tap joint. These areas are also vulnerable to a build-up of residue from tap water (a slimy black gunk) as well as limescale. Gravity ensures that such places collect more and more of this grime until we scrub it off with a variety of brushes and cleaning products. However, wall-mounted taps are far less likely to suffer from this build up, as much of it will fall away naturally. Mounting taps over glass shower panels or splashbacks is particularly effective as there are no gaps in which dirt can collect.

Royal blue bathroom glass splashback walls

Eliminate grout

Tile grout and sealant are among the worst offenders for attracting muck and mould in the bathroom. The combination of water and warmth, and a lack of adequate ventilation, create the ideal conditions in which mould and mildew can thrive, and of course limescale is always an issue in wet environments. It’s difficult to remove this type of dirt at the best of times, but once black stains start to appear they’re more or less impossible to deal with. Grout is particularly problematic as its uneven surface allows grime to attach itself very firmly and effectively seep into the wall. Glass wall coverings and splashbacks eliminate this problem completely, as no grout is required and only a very thin line of sealant will be exposed along the bottom edge of glass shower panels.

Tropical Beach printed glass splashback bathroom

Stick to a simple and streamlined design

Keeping your bathroom design sleek and streamlined will make it far easier and quicker to clean. Avoiding ornate hardware and highly decorative accessories will reduce the number of places in which dirt can build up, saving you a huge amount of time in the long run. Minimalist suites and simple sculptural attachments can still look high-end and stylish, but they’re also much easier to wipe down and buff to a gleaming finish.

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