Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Number Thirty One in colour White

Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Mobalpa Pinner in colour ZG3
Coloured glass splashbacks produced for Two Guys Kitchens OPTI126 in orange
Prints: Abstracts & Patterns
Printed glass splashbacks produced for Sheraton Interior with Tiles 6 print
Prints: Photographic
Printed glass splashbacks produced for Kutchenhaus Chichester with moonlight print
Mirror glass splashbacks produced for Kutchenhaus Brentwood in Bronze Mirror
Special effect Cobweb CW2 kitchen glass splashback. Credit: Kutchenhaus Bristol

Our toughened glass kitchen splashbacks

Glass is an ideal material to use in the kitchen. Nearly all our panels are made from toughened glass (with the exception of a few of our mirrored glass options, which are safety-backed), so they are heat resistant to cooking temperatures. This makes them ideal for use behind a hob or Aga, and the wipe-clean surface of glass also means that spills and splatters are quick and easy to deal with. Glass splashbacks are perfect behind sinks too – with no grout or visible adhesive to deal with, mould and mildew will never be a problem and hard-water deposits are easy to wipe away.

Our kitchen gallery shows the versatility of glass as a kitchen wall covering. Our toughened glass panels are made to measure, so we can make small splashbacks for use behind a sink or oven, or cover long stretches of wall to line up perfectly with your counters, cupboards and work surfaces. Our panels measure up to 3,900mm in length, which reduces the number of joins and creates a beautiful streamlined look.

What’s more, our glass can be cut to accommodate cooker hoods, niches and oddly shaped spaces, as well as sockets and switches. The sleek effect will lift your kitchen to another level, with an impressive bespoke appearance.

Many of our customers choose glass for its hygienic qualities. It is extremely easy to clean, with minimum work required. A gentle all-purpose kitchen cleaner can be used to deal with spills, smears and other dirt, while a quick wipe and buff with a slightly damp cloth (we recommend microfibre) will bring it to a satisfying shine.

Glass also retains its glossy appearance for many years – even decades! The colour, pattern or print is protected and we offer a 10-year guarantee against peeling, flaking and fading.

Our coloured splashbacks, all made from toughened glass, are very popular in kitchens. Our palette of classic colours offers many options, from barely there white and cream to vibrant blues and pinks, or bright reds and greens. White, cream or grey Shaker-style kitchens are always popular, and a neutral splashback in a tonal shade will complement these colours beautifully; if you fancy a more adventurous look, choose a colourful hue to add character and interest while still retaining the classic style of your room. However, if you have chosen cabinets in a bolder shade – with deep blue and aqua currently on trend – neutral glass will allow your cupboards to take center stage, while colourful glass can add another layer of depth and interest.

Printed glass panels can transform a kitchen, changing it from a functional space into a room full of atmosphere and personality. From wraparound cityscapes to trompe l’oeil prints of brick, stone or wood, the effects we can produce are limitless.

Printed glass can also be used to create one-off pieces of kitchen art, featuring any drawing, illustration or image you desire – from personal photographs to pictures of food and drink – making your kitchen truly unique and individual.

Mirrored glass is an unusual choice for a kitchen, and looks glamorous and elegant. Plain mirrored glass will make your space appear much larger and lighter, while antiqued mirrored glass adds warmth and character – it looks fantastic with ornate designs and period features, but also lifts and enhances more minimalist styles. One word of caution – most of our mirrored options are made using safety-backed glass rather than toughened glass, so are not suitable for use behind hobs.

Our wonderful range of special-effect glass creates quiet drama. Our Cobweb designs echo the patterns found in natural materials such as stone and marble that are often found in kitchens but, shot through with gold or silver, or rendered in brilliant blue, they add a hit of glamour that will elevate your space to new heights of luxury.

Metallic toughened glass, in a range of gold, silver and copper tones, has a subtle shimmer that suggests opulence and elegance without being flashy or overpowering. Metallic glass works well with gloss cabinets, adding a layer of shimmer that complements their high-shine finish, but also gives a modern edge to natural wood and painted finishes.

Glitter glass makes a major statement, with a high-octane sparkle finish that cannot fail to raise a smile. We offer a number of neutral shades, such as white and silver, that work with many other styles and colours, as well as deep jewel tones that create a lavish, theatrical effect.

Patterned glass with an antiqued appearance brings a hint of old-school charm to a kitchen, while still retaining the glossy, modern appeal of bespoke glass splashbacks. It is the perfect foil to traditional wooden cabinetry but also looks great with contemporary styles, and our silver and bronze tones work with a wide range of colours.

Whatever style of kitchen you have, or are planning to install, glass splashbacks will always add an impressive polished finish. Our wide range of coloured, patterned and printed options work with every style imaginable – but if you need more guidance or advice then please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope you enjoy browsing our kitchen gallery!