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We know we’re biased, but we believe that glass is by far and away the best choice for bathroom wall coverings and bathroom pictures. There’s no doubt that dirty, mouldy grout is one of the biggest issues in tiled bathrooms – over time it becomes stained and discoloured by grime and hard-water deposits, and often disintegrates over the years. However, glass bathroom panels require no grout and only a tiny amount of clear sanitary-grade sealant, so unsightly stains are not an issue and the glass will look as good as new for many years.

Glass is also very easy to clean and buff to a gleaming finish. Using a squeegee after every shower to dry off the glass will help keep hard-water deposits to a minimum, and a light spritz of glass-cleaning liquid and a quick wipe with a microfibre cloth will deal with any drips and smears.

We can make glass panels to cover any part of your bathroom walls, however big or small. Our glass can be fitted across an entire wall, from floor to ceiling in a shower cubicle, along one or all sides of a bath, or as a simple splashback behind a sink. We can also incorporate cut-outs to accommodate taps, spouts and showerheads, producing a slick appearance that has the added advantage of being very hygienic as there are no gaps, nooks or crannies in which dirt or limescale could build up.

Glass works in every style of bathroom, from traditional to futuristic, ornate to minimalist. Traditional bathrooms with a Victorian-style suite and detailed fixtures and fittings tend to be fairly decorative in their own right, making plain glass in a neutral or chalky hue an excellent choice for the walls.

In modern bathrooms, with simple lines and understated components, many styles of glass would look fantastic, including bright colours, shimmering metallics or glass pictures that could continue the watery theme or transport you to another world.

Coloured glass can completely change the mood of your bathroom. While white, pale grey or oyster panels will help to create a spa-like sanctuary, zestier shades such as lime green or ocean blue are stimulating and energising – great for waking you up in the morning! Deeper colours, such as our Edgbaston Blue, Aubergine or Orient Red, will create a cocooning retreat – just add candles and relax.

In bathrooms, the choices are unlimited for printed glass with the option of our bathroom pictures. Why not turn your shower cubicle into a tropical rainforest and luxuriate among exotic trees and colourful blooms? Or panel the walls around your bath with images of white sand beaches and turquoise waters – making your soak a truly tranquil experience?

If you would prefer a more understated look, a simple splashback behind a sink, featuring pebbles, shells, ripples or fish, would create visual interest without overpowering the overall aesthetic. Or, for a subtler style, try a simple pattern, abstract design or tile-effect repeated layout.

Words and phrases are increasingly used in interior design – an inspirational quote or personal motto could be printed onto your glass panels, or you could choose a selection of calming words or phrases, such as “relax”, “breathe” or “let it go”.

Mirrored glass panels can be easily incorporated into a bathroom scheme, either on their own or as part of a larger arrangement of glass wall coverings. All our glass is made to measure, so we can cut mirrors to fit within a niche, above a sink or in a dressing area, for instance. A mirrored panel can also be inset between coloured or patterned glass, or glass bathroom pictures, creating a seamless finish and a sleek, hotel-style appearance that looks contemporary and luxurious.

If your prefer old-world charm to the modern glossy look, our mirrored glass with a beautiful aged patina could be just the thing to add an extra layer of character to your space. Customised and upcycled bathrooms, in which antique dressers and cabinets are turned into sink units, and rustic wooden ladders are used as shelving or towel rails, would make the perfect spot for one of our vintage styles.

For serious impact, our special-effect glass looks stunning in a bathroom setting. Our pale grey antiqued panels have a marbled appearance that feels both fresh and elegant, especially against white sinks and baths, while our dazzling cobweb styles strike a clever balance between art and nature, providing sophisticated, high-octane glamour that still feels pleasingly familiar.

Even a small panel of special-effect glass would add a hint of drama, making your bathroom unique and individual. Our metallic and glitter finishes come in a range of beautiful shades, including silver, pale blue, dark purple and forest green – used as accent panels in a prominent place, they would create a wonderful and unexpected sense of theatrical style.

Not only is glass an incredibly practical material for use in a bathroom, it also looks stylish, glamorous and high-end. And how often can we say that about anything?