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Our glass wall art for commercial spaces

Opticolour’s coloured glass wall panels and glass wall art present endless possibilities for the commercial market. Slick, professional, fresh and modern – the look of our wall coverings will reflect the best aspects of your business, helping to reassure your customers and put them in a positive frame of mind.

We can print logos, emblems and motifs onto glass in any shade required and with pin-sharp clarity. We can also print photographs or illustrations in full colour and high definition, allowing you to display pictures and representations of your products or services, or exhibit glass wall art that creates a particular mood or atmosphere. Glass panels represent a fantastic way to add your branding to a space without resorting to bulky signage or short-lived posters or boards.

Glass wall panels can be used in many different ways and in a wide variety of settings. Floor-to-ceiling wall coverings can be installed in the foyers and corridors of hotels, offices and restaurants, for instance, while large panels can be used behind bars, counters and store displays. Glass wall coverings work particularly well in spas and salons, as they are hygienic and easy to clean without looking sterile or utilitarian. In fact, their glossy high-end appearance suggests luxury and indulgence, reinforcing the idea of a relaxing, enjoyable treat.

The hygienic properties of glass also make it ideal for use in communal spaces, such as changing rooms, restrooms and reception areas. It can easily withstand high traffic and high usage, and be cleaned and buffed to an as-new shine quickly and easily. The lack of need for powerful cleaning products means that strong chemical smells will not spoil the atmosphere of a space, allowing fragranced products, essential oils and scent diffusers to work effectively.

We can make glass coverings of any size – from wall-to-wall panelling to smaller sheets of glass that are perfect for signage, logos and glass wall art. Whether you are looking for a dramatic display that forms an integral part of the room design, or an individual panel to be installed next to a lift, behind a reception desk or in a treatment room, we can produce bespoke, made-to-measure pieces to fit into any space or interior scheme.

Glass wall panels can easily be incorporated into store product displays – they look fantastic when lit, reflecting light and bringing a high-shine polish to their surroundings that really shows off products to great effect. They are also attractive and enticing, encouraging customers to take a closer look. They are particularly useful for zoning different areas of a store, salon or other commercial space – labels, colours, motifs and images can all be used to visually separate one part of a room from another, bringing subtle order to a space and directing customers as required.

Our wall coverings and glass wall art do not have to be confined to interior spaces – they can also be used on the exterior of buildings and make extremely eye-catching and unusual visual identifiers. Brand logos, beautiful patterns and textures, and inspiring images can all be used to make sure your building is seen and your branding successfully conveyed to visitors and passers-by.

Our glass wall panels can be colour-matched to your logo or brand colours, or to a colour that is complementary to them. We use a computerised paint-mixing system that is incredibly accurate, allowing us to produce glass that is almost identical to any shade you send to us (the glass finish will affect the colour very slightly). Glass wall coverings in your brand colours present a subtle way to reinforce your company identity, and can be equally as effective as wall-to-wall pieces or accent panels placed in key positions, such as behind a reception desk or around a waiting area.

Our glass printing technology is a fantastic resource for companies who want a fresh modern way to display their logo and other branding, or to integrate beautiful images into their decorating scheme. We have state-of-the-art equipment that will produce high-resolution copies of any artwork you provide for us, from names and quotations to photographs, patterns, illustrations and timelines. The resulting glass wall art looks spectacular and adds both character and polish to any interior.

Our mirrored and special-effect glass has a sophisticated finish that really sets a space apart. Plain mirrored panels, with a silver, bronze or grey tint, can make a space appear larger and brighter, while our antiqued mirrored glass conveys old-school glamour with a comforting sense of history. For immediate impact, our Cobweb and patterned antique finishes, in a range of natural but striking colourways, are elegant, moody and a little bit daring. Or, for mood-lifting shimmer and glitz, try our metallic or sparkle glass options – from a pretty moss-green lustre to dazzling black glass with rainbow glitter, we have a wealth of unusual, eye-catching colours and finishes available that lend serious personality to any room.

Branding your space can be a tricky task, but coloured, printed or special-effect glass wall panels offer a contemporary option that works with any style of interior and rooms of any size and shape. Versatile, easy to personalise, and simple to clean and maintain, our wall coverings represent a cost-effective solution that will impress your visitors and customers and stay looking fresh and polished for many years.