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As one of the UK’s leading glass manufacturers, Opticolour has produced a wide range of wall coverings over the past two decades. From single rectangular splashbacks to complex wall-to-wall panelling, we aim to create the perfect solution for your space.

We believe that the beauty of glass lies in its versatility – it is literally a blank canvas on which to paint or print any shade or design you require. Our high-tech processing methods allow us to refine our colours to our customers’ specifications, to print an image, pattern, logo or artwork with pin-sharp clarity, and to create dramatic and eye-catching finishes that will raise the design temperature of any room.

In a commercial space, glass panels really look the business. Clean and contemporary, with a glossy, luxurious appearance, they make a striking impression. Printing a logo or slogan onto glass looks crisp and impressive, and is a neat way to incorporate branding into the design of a room or area.

In domestic settings glass panels can elevate a space, creating a polished elegance that takes it to a new level of sophistication. As well as our skilled glass manufacturers, we have a team of experienced surveyors and fitters who provide a highly professional measuring and installation service. Their exceptional accuracy and close attention to detail result in a bespoke finish with a sleek, high-end look.

Custom colour, that matches or complements the colour of your walls, cabinets, worktop or suite, will lend a luxurious feel to your room. Matching the shade of your glass panels to your walls or worktops has a calming effect and is great for a simple, minimalist scheme. In particular, this can work well in small rooms where too many different colours and textures can look busy and jarring. At the other end of the scale, glass panels in a contrasting colour can add interest to a larger open-plan space. They are particularly useful for zoning certain areas, such as the cooking area, to create simple but effective visual boundaries.

Printed glass can be produced as a single panel or can be installed above your entire run of cabinets. A small glass splashback placed anywhere within a room can double up as work of art, displaying a striking abstract image, favourite photograph or a beautiful scene from nature. As a longer wall covering, a printed glass panel can transform your space with an urban landscape scene, a tranquil background of rolling green hills, or a futuristic pattern that brings an ultra-modern edge to your interior. Any high-resolution image can be printed onto glass, offering customers the opportunity to create a one-off concept that pushes the boundaries of kitchen design.

We are one of the few glass manufacturers in the UK to offer a range of mirrored and special-effect glass, including our beautiful cobweb and antiqued patterns, as well as subtle metallics and glamorous sparkle glass. Mirrored panels lend instant glamour, while special-effect glass is a great option for customers who want to add an unusual design element to their kitchen or bathroom without straying too far from traditional patterns and finishes. Inspired by natural phenomena, such as the patterns found in rocks and stones or the attractive patina of vintage glass, our cobweb and antique patterned panels echo conventional interior styles and combine well with materials such as wood, slate and stainless steel. At the same time, their sleek, glossy appearance makes them perfect for the modern space.

If you want to be daring with your design, but don’t want your glass panels to be too dominant, consider a metallic or sparkle finish. Available in a range of attractive shades, from pale silver to shimmering violet, they make a bold statement without overwhelming the rest of the room.

Still not sure what to choose? Browse our online glass manufacturers gallery and get inspired! You’ll find lots of ideas to help you create your dream kitchen, bathroom or interior scheme. Or, if you have an idea but can’t find what you are looking for on our site, please get in contact and speak to one of our team – we will do all we can to help.