Why our Cobweb glass panels are ideal for stylish house decoration

Our hand-painted Cobweb glass is one of our most exclusive lines, and is often chosen for house decoration in luxury kitchens, bathrooms or living spaces. If you love the patterning of natural stone such as marble, onyx or granite, but are hesitant about the high levels of maintenance required to look after it, our Cobweb panels offer an ideal solution. With metallic or monochrome veining on a background of rich colour, they echo the beauty of nature while also providing an elegant glossy finish that’s surprisingly easy to clean and maintain.

Our class range of Cobweb glass is made in shades that work as neutrals yet don’t fade into the background, ­such as gold, silver and lustrous black and white. This makes it ideal for spaces with an understated colour palette that still require a high-impact finish and polished appearance. Black and white glass have a high-shine lustre that’s glossy and glamorous, while metallic panels in gold, silver and grey provide subtle shimmer and a look of stylish sophistication. Hand-painted veining ensures that no two panels are the same, and reflects the exquisite patina of semi-precious materials such as quartz and marble.

There are five thread options to choose from: Clear, White, Black, Silver and Gold. These can be backed by any shade from our standard palette, or by a bespoke colour mixed to your specifications. Or, if you’re not sure what to choose, we also have several combinations in our classic range that have proved very popular.

Black glass with metallic thread

Against a glossy background of jet black glass, gold metallic veining (above) has a warm, rich appearance that creates a highly luxurious effect. Inspired by nature but with added glitz and glamour, it’s a striking option that would take house decoration in any space to new levels of refinement. Silver thread is equally eye-catching against a black background – bright and brilliant, it would add a dynamic finish to any monochrome or neutral interior.

Close up view of the CW3 White glass with Black and Gold thread.

Solid colour with metallic or monochrome thread

White wall coverings are a classic option that never go out of fashion, but many of our customers are looking for a twist on plain white panels for their house decoration. White Glass with Silver Thread offers barely there metallic veining that adds subtle sparkle and patterning without dominating the room or adding too much drama. Or, for a bolder choice, our ever popular White Glass with Black & Gold Thread (above) offers a striking monochrome design with added sparkle from splashes of brilliant gold.

Special effect Cobweb CW2 glass produced for Kutchenhaus, Bristol

For a neutral splashback that still creates a design talking point, Silver Glass with Black Thread (above) has an attractive soft sheen punctuated with delicate but highly defined swirls. If you want to make a serious style statement, however, Regency Blue Glass with Black & Gold Thread is hard to beat – its radiant colour and dramatic veining make it a high-contrast option that packs plenty of punch.

Metallic glass with Cobweb patterning

Our range of plain Metallic glass is popular for its attractive gleam and iridescent finish – and adding pattern with our Cobweb veining lifts it to another level of sophistication. Gold Metallic Glass with White Thread (above) has a soft shine with subtle patterning that echoes delicate wisps of smoke, while Silver Metallic Glass with Clear Thread has a radiant shimmer that instantly catches the eye despite its understated palette. Grey Metallic Glass with Gold Thread is the darkest of the three options; with its moody coffee-coloured tones and bright caramel veining, it’s perfect for a modern masculine interior.

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Cobweb glass offers elegant and timeless style combined with a modern finish that is far more practical than it looks. It’s also a highly original house decoration and is sure to make a stunning focal point in any space. Leaning towards the look of traditional stone, while also offering up-to-the-minute glamour, it suits any kind of interior from traditional and elegant to contemporary or futuristic. For more information on our Cobweb options, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.


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