Bathroom decorating ideas: how to create a sleek and elegant space

Bathrooms and cloakrooms are not referred to as the “smallest room in the house” for nothing – they’re usually on the cosy side and require careful thought when it comes to bathroom decorating ideas. Sinks with built-in storage, wall-mounted toilets, corner showers and recessed shelving are all great ways to make the most of the space available. But it’s also important to maintain a sense of calmness and serenity as, for many people, a bathroom is a room to relax in.

Using glass panels as splashbacks or wall coverings is an excellent way to create a soothing vibe in a bathroom. Because they are made to measure and can be cut to fit awkward spaces, they can be installed in any room, however odd its shape. Their streamlined and uniform appearance helps to enhance a sense of flow and continuity, avoiding the visual choppiness that can occur when too many different materials are used. For instance, using a variety of tiles on the floor, walls, around the bath and inside the shower recess can look very chaotic and jarring to the eye. Furthermore, a lot of tiling means a lot of grout and the dirt and mould that comes with it. Glass panels, however, stay looking clean and fresh for many years – all they need is a quick wipe and buff every now and then. Here are more ways in which glass wall coverings can help to create an elegant space…

Vibrant lime green glass shower walls

Glass shower walls

Hands up if you’ve ever taken a shower and become distracted by the amount of dirt, mildew and limescale that’s built up on the grout between the tiles. Not only is it unsightly and unhygienic, but it’s very difficult to remove. Glass shower panels, however, are made to measure and are fixed to the wall using a strong silicone adherent that’s fully protected from water residue and dirt. The glass can be wiped and buffed in minutes, leaving it looking as good as new. Every time you step into the shower you’ll be delighted with the sleek look and glossy condition of your walls – and that’s definitely a relaxing feeling!


Glastonbury Tor at sunrise on the bathroom wall

Clean corner

If your bathroom has an awkward layout – perhaps an L shape – you might be able to use it to your advantage and fit a small bath in a nook or corner. This levels up the rest of the room, making it much easier to place your sink, toilet and storage. To ensure the nook is practical and easy to clean, install glass panels around the sides. Plain glass will look streamlined and elegant and can even up any slightly sloping edges. Or, to make a feature of the space, consider bathroom decorating ideas such as a digitally printed splashback of a scene or artwork you love.


Royal blue bathroom glass splashback walls 4

Wall-mounted taps

Our state-of-the-art water-jet cutters can make precise holes to accommodate taps, spouts, rails and shelving, so you can place your fixtures over the glass for a super sleek finish. You won’t have to worry about arranging your fittings around grout lines, and the seamless join means there are no gaps in which dirt can lurk or build up. Furthermore, unlike many other materials, glass is impervious to corrosion from household products and cleaning chemicals such as limescale removers – so if you need to shine up your metal hardware, the glass won’t be affected.


Bathroom wall art in abstract stripes

Contemporary lines

Small bathrooms lend themselves to modern fixtures and fittings with sleek minimalist lines. Bathroom decorating ideas such as a lack of excessive decoration, hardware in bold sculptural shapes, streamlined design, and built-in or hidden storage, can all help to keep a room feeling spacious and airy. In particular, single units that accommodate a sink, loo and storage can be very space-efficient in a compact bathroom, and their even lines are very pleasing to the eye. Glass or mirrored panels are the perfect complement to this style of interior, with their smooth polished surfaces, uninterrupted wall coverage and perfect fit.


A nautical themed printed bathroom glass wall covering

Dream theme

If you don’t want to clutter up your bathroom but would like to add some visual interest, you could consider introducing a subtle theme, such as “ocean”, “seaside” or “Hollywood glamour”. A few decorative items, such as jars of shells, anchor-shaped hooks, or vintage-style canisters, plus design-led storage such as mirrored units or boat-shaped shelving, offer a nod to the theme without taking up valuable space. Glass splashbacks can also be used to enhance your ideas while keeping the overall look sleek and stylish – we can print any kind of pattern, image or artwork onto glass panels in line with your design goals.

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