About glass

Glass has become an increasing popular choice for splashbacks and glass wall coverings in recent years, due to its polished high-end finish and versatile style.

Hardwearing and easy to maintain, it looks smart and sophisticated for many years. The bespoke design options we offer, our cutting-edge techniques, and the precise fit we achieve ensure that Opticolour glass lends a luxury look to every style of interior. In our experience, these are the four most popular reasons for choosing glass panels:

High-end finish

At our state-of-the-art production facility, we are able to create large, made-to-measure panels of glass in one continuous piece, with cut-outs and notches included to accommodate sockets, switches and other fixtures and fittings. We minimise the number of joins as far as possible, resulting in a streamlined look that is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. Our glass wall coverings can be made to the exact shape and dimensions of the available wall space, so no unsightly gaps or holes will spoil the sophisticated effect.

In bathrooms, mirrored panels can be fitted to accommodate the thickness of the surrounding glass wall coverings, ensuring a smooth, seamless finish that conveys a sense of tasteful, discreet luxury. Unlike tiled walls, glass panels are not grouted, so mould, mildew, dust and dirt will not undermine the stylish appearance of the room.

High-end-finish wall coverings from Halcyon Interiors

Credit: Halcyon Interiors

Halcyon Interiors wall coverings with timeless versatile style

Credit: Halcyon Interiors

Timeless, versatile style

Glass panels can be subtle and barely there, or make a dramatic style statement. A neutral colour will blend into its surroundings, while an eye-catching image, bright pattern or cobweb finish will be the focal point of a room. Whatever your requirements, our bespoke colour mixing and glass printing services will enable you to create the precise effect you are looking for.

Glass works in both traditional and contemporary interiors – we fit our panels in every type of building, from Georgian manors and country cottages to modern mansions and new-build family homes, to hotels, restaurants, cinemas and schools. Its versatility makes it the ideal counterpoint to many other materials – both natural and man-made – and it complements a wide range of interior styles.

Bespoke colours and designs

Our computerised colour-matching service allows Opticolour glass to be produced in an unlimited number of shades. We can match any paint or fabric, or even a favourite object, to give your space a truly bespoke finish.

We can also print any high-resolution digital image onto glass, including photographs, artwork, motifs, logos and other visual effects. From a discreet patterned panel to a floor-to-ceiling landscape, the decorative possibilities are endless.

Our computerised wall coverings colour-matching service allows Opticolour glass to be produced in an unlimited number of shades


Glass wall coverings are a durable material that does not deteriorate and are very easy to keep clean

Credit: Liquid Space / brillphotography.co.uk

Durable and low-maintenance

Glass is a durable material that does not deteriorate and is very easy to keep clean. It does not require any specialist products or professional maintenance and needs little more than a quick wipe and buff every now and then. If cleaned regularly, it will look glossy and new for many years.

Heat resistant to 220˚C, toughened glass is suitable for use behind hobs, ranges and Agas. Because it is waterproof and hygienic, it is also ideal for bathrooms, laundry rooms, changing rooms and public spaces. Without the horrors of grout to contend with – such as mould, mildew and discolouration – glass maintains its fresh appearance for a very long time. We can even treat panels with a chemical coating that repels water and reduces limescale deposits.