We hope you find the information you require in this list of FAQs. However, if you have further queries, please do not hesitate to call us on 01225 464343, email sales@opticolour.co.uk, or use our contact form.

Yes, Opticolour glass panels are toughened to meet BS6206, with the exception of our plain mirrored glass and some antique mirrored glass – these are safety backed but are susceptible to cracking so are not suitable for use behind gas hobs, extractors or shelving.
Yes, apart from our plain mirrored and some antiqued mirrored glass, all our glass panels are heat resistant to 220˚C, and can be used behind hobs.
Yes, we offer a 10-year guarantee against colour or print delamination. Our measure and fit service carries a 10-year guarantee against installation defects.

Our splashbacks are all 6mm but we can also manufacture glass in thicknesses of 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm (often used for shelves, tabletops, vanities and worktops).

Yes, please click here for more information.

Yes, but we suggest making templates from 8mm MDF, to be sure of a good fit. Walls are rarely true, and fixtures and fittings are rarely completely straight, while cut-outs and notches must also be carefully placed. We are happy to use the dimensions you give us, but this must be done at your own risk. If you are not confident of taking accurate measurements we recommend our measuring service, as our experienced surveyors know the pitfalls to look out for.

Fitting a small single glass panel is easy, and we would recommend you do this yourself with the fixing adhesive that we provide. However, for a more complex job we would recommend that you employ a professional to measure and fit, or take advantage of our fitting service.

Opticolour glass is priced per square metre, with additional costs for cutouts (or other glass processing) and installation. Click here to request an estimate.

Yes. We have a computerised paint-matching system and can also produce bespoke colours. These services incur a modest charge. Click here for further information.

Very – but we still can’t guarantee that the glass panel we produce will exactly match your paint. Although the colour coating we use may be identical, it will always look slightly different when viewed through glass due to light refraction and the slightest hint of colour in the glass itself. White and creams, in particular, will take on a very slight grey-green tinge (although we do use the clearest glass available and they remain our most popular colours). We do try to allow for this and can produce a sample for a small charge.

Yes, we can reproduce any image on glass provided it has a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Click here for further information about photo glass.

We are happy to send you glass samples, but we normally like to agree a job in principle first. Click here to apply for an estimate.

Yes. Our hi-tech machinery makes extremely accurate and close-fitting cuts, and can accommodate notches, curves and other irregular shapes.

These cannot be accommodated retrospectively, and so the relevant holes must be cut out during the production process (click here for further information). Sockets, switches and accessories can then be refitted after installation, resulting in a high-end, streamlined look.

The wall needs to be free from bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm. Unevenness of less than that depth can be taken up by the adhesive. Wiring must be chased into walls and any light fittings should be in place, allowing at least 10mm for the thickness of the glass splashbacks plus sealant. Any sharp areas need to be sanded. All walls must be sealed using either PVA or emulsion paint. Ultimately, the walls will be obscured by the glass, so the surface does not need to look pretty.

Please position holes or sockets at least 20mm from the glass edge.

All external glass edges are polished smooth.

We can deliver our panels to any location in the UK.