Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass adds real impact, as well as making a space appear larger. Our glamorous glass mirror panels can be fitted in any room, although our safety backed glass is not toughened and is therefore not suitable for use behind gas hobs, extractors or shelving.

Our mirrored glass options

From sleek tinted panels to vintage styles with depth and character, we have several types of mirrored glass available.

Safety-backed mirrored glass

Toughened antiqued panels

Please note: Because this range goes through many processes, it has a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks.

Our tinted, antiqued and hand-silvered mirrored glass

We offer three styles of glass mirror: tinted mirrored glass, antiqued mirrored glass, and toughened antiqued hand silvered glass.

Our tinted glass is subtly shaded with a silver, bronze or grey tone, which adds a beautiful lustrous sheen. By absorbing some of the harshness of white light, tinted glass gives a softer reflection, gently diffusing the reflected rays for a warmer and more flattering effect.

Antiqued mirrored glass has a slight patina that gives it an aged appearance. We offer silver, bronze and grey options, and the combination of patination and tint creates a very attractive finish. While the glass still provides reflection, it also has character and depth, making it a great option for a space that needs to be brightened up a little without producing too much glare.

Although our tinted and antiqued mirrored glass ranges should not be used close to a heat source, they look wonderful in many interior settings, including hallways, living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Foxed, Vintage, Really Rough and Heavy Sparkle are our toughened glass choices, hand silvered and distressed to create an antique appearance with beautiful unique patterns and markings. While Foxed is lightly flecked, Vintage has a more even coverage of markings; Really Rough is heavily speckled with cloudy spots while still retaining its reflective quality, and Heavy Sparkle has a very aged appearance, with an attractive pearl-grey finish that is dotted all over with hand-made patternings. Perfect for traditional interiors, our toughened glass mirror panels offer classic style with a very modern made-to-measure look and all the practical advantages that glass has to offer.