Coloured glass

We offer an unlimited palette of coloured glass colours, allowing customers to find exactly what they require

We offer an unlimited palette of colours, allowing customers to find exactly what they require. Firstly, we have a range of 36 standard shades that includes both neutral and bright coloured glass. Secondly, we offer a computerised paint-matching service that can replicate any paint colour on the market, to create panels that blend with your walls. Finally, if you wish to order glass in a bespoke colour – to match wallpaper or a favourite accessory for instance – we can do that too.

Our colour chart

From traditional Ivory Satin to soft Lavender Blue or bold Pillar Red, our selection of standard colours offers a wide choice of classic shades. Whether you want your glass to blend in or stand out, you’ll find a wealth of options here.

White glass splashbacks
Bold White glass splashbacks
Bold White
Oyster glass splashbacks
Cream glass splashbacks
Ivory Satin glass splashbacks
Ivory Satin
Mint White glass splashbacks
Mint White
Mint Cream glass splashbacks
Mint Cream
Stone glass splashbacks
Mushroom glass splashbacks
Cappuccino glass splashbacks
Dove Grey glass splashbacks
Dove Grey
Mink glass splashbacks
Elephant's Trunk glass splashbacks
Elephant's Trunk
Nearly Black glass splashbacks
Nearly Black
Black glass splashbacks
Pillar Red glass splashbacks
Pillar Red
Modena glass splashbacks
Orient Red glass splashbacks
Orient Red
Strawberry glass splashback
Cherry glass splashbacks
Rose glass splashbacks
Vivid Pink glass splashbacks
Vivid Pink
Tangerine glass splashbacks
Primrose glass splashbacks
Aqua glass splashbacks
Torquay Green glass splashbacks
Torquay Green
Pine glass splashbacks
Lime Green glass splashbacks
Lime Green
Svelte glass splashbacks
Pale Blue glass splashbacks
Pale Blue
Lavender Blue glass splashbacks
Lavender Blue
Azure Blue glass splashbacks
Azure Blue
Edgbaston Blue glass splashbacks
Edgbaston Blue
Regency Blue glass splashbacks
Regency Blue
Blackcurrant glass splashbacks
Aubergine glass splashbacks

Please note: on-screen colours will vary from computer to computer – please contact us for samples.

Our custom paint-matching service

We can replicate colours by Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, or any major paint manufacturer, allowing customers to order coloured glass panels that are a close match to the colour of their walls or cabinets (the glass finish means we cannot guarantee an exact match). If we can’t track down the colour ourselves, we can work from a paper swatch provided by the customer. We can also mix colours according to BS (British Standard) and RAL (European standard) colour charts.

Please note: The paint will look slightly different when used with glass, as the shiny finish and reflected light will affect the shade to a small degree. We do our best to allow for this, and will happily make a custom sample for your approval; this incurs a small fee.

We can replicate colours by Dulux, Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, or any major paint manufacturer to produce coloured glass

Our bespoke colour service

Send us a sample of wallpaper or fabric, or even a favourite object, and we will make the glass to match. This service incurs a small fee and includes a sample for you to approve.