Contemporary glass splashbacks

Opticolour is the UK’s leading manufacturer of glass wall coverings, from kitchen glass splashbacks to commercial wall panels. We specialise in coloured, printed and mirrored glass splashbacks, custom made for every space. We are an independent company, fully dedicated to creating the highest quality glass panels possible. We use the latest cutting-edge technology in our workshops and employ a highly trained, highly skilled workforce. The Opticolour team shares a commitment to excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail and impeccable customer service, and these values remain at the heart of everything we do.

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Why use glass?

From its sophisticated appearance to its impressive durability, there are many reasons to choose glass splashbacks for your interior.
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Polished glass with a high end finish
Polished high-end finish
Heavy sparkle antique mirror kitchen glass splashbacks
Timeless and versatile style
Why use glass - bespoke colours and designs
Bespoke colours and designs
Why use glass - durable and low maintenance
Durable and low maintenance

Our gallery

Warm soft stripe printed splashback kitchen
Warm soft stripe printed splashback kitchen
Glastonbury Tor at sunrise on the bathroom wall
Glastonbury Tor at sunrise on the bathroom wall
Glass wall panels in Manchester University Schuster building

Our service

Our process

The production of our panels takes time and skill, and combines cutting-edge technology with hands-on craftmanship and years of training and experience. From the precision of our cuts to the layering of our paint, every part of the process is done with care to a rigorous standard. The glass splashback is checked throughout and if we find a single flaw we start again from scratch.

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Using the CAD drawings produced earlier, cut-outs for sockets and switches are made using a high-pressure jet of water and sand to cut glass
Glass splashback queries answered

Frequently asked questions

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